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New loan modification stats released

UPDATE: News releases indicate that the Federal Mortgage Modification program will crush your credit score!

Private Equity: An industry explosion from the experts

Believe it or not, private equity has only been around for approximately 40 years. Currently, private equity and lending is EXPLODING making it possible to invest in more ways than ever. If you have a CD or 401K with an earning potential of less than 5% INVEST IT!

That’s right folks, even the smallest investment can bring you great returns over a short span of time. Why not make 36K turn in to over 50K in as little as three years TAX FREE, SECURED and GUARANTEED.

Ask your employer about self managing your retirement plan. A new way to gain capital from your own funds. Investing funds as a private lender in real estate has gained enormous popularity recently and the incentive is zero risk and high profits.

Would you like more information? Comment this blog and someone will contact you right away.

Happy investing…

Help is available, understand your credit score

If you’ve ever been late on making a mortgage payment, the question that always pops into your head is “how will this affect me later on”? Well, you’ll find a portion of the answer here. Do your research and know the ins and outs of your credit profile. If struggling is a current way of life because of a recent job loss or medical situation and the risks include losing your home, don’t fret. There is help available but you have to act now.

1. Don’t miss your payments by 30 days or more if possible. If this happens, you can rebound quickly but a 90 day late payment is a bad as a bankruptsy on your file with a credit score reduction of 160-200 points! This can set you back more than 10 years on your credit profile.

2. Work with your lenders, talk with them about your situation, perhaps it’s temporary perhaps not. Either way, they may help you with skipping a payment or reducing your payment amount temporarily.

3. Do you have negative equity in your home? Check into the federal loan modification program to see if you qualify. Check for updates regularly:

4. If all else fails, consider selling your home prior to being subject to foreclosure. This is called a “Short Sale”. You have to give up your home, but at least you save your credit! You can always find another home to suit your needs and tastes. In today’s “buyers” market, the possibilities are endless in this situation!

5. Once you’ve made a decision to short sale your home, contact me. I can make this process very easy for you and have you on your way in no time. I work for a reputable organization who specializes in dealing with banks specifically in short sales. Even the Realtors love this program because it eliminates all of their work and pays them their full commission.

A reputable and trustworthy realtor is a key success factor in any situation when it comes to real estate. I recommend one who I work with solely as a result of her ongoing efforts to maintain her code of ethics standard. She is also my friend, please feel free to visit her at:

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Tools for private lending & real estate investors

Click on the link to find one of many research tools for investing that we will regularly post in our blog. If there is a topic you’d like to see here, let us know…